How to apply?

There are several ways to select athletes for high level courses.

- During races
The WCC coaches identify the potential trainees based on their results during competitions.

- During training camps organised in the WCC Satellites (please refer to “WCC Satellites”)

- During Talent identification camps for young athletes 
Throughout the year the World Cycling Centre (WCC) organises talent identification camps (TID) for young athletes (16-18 year olds) either at the WCC or at its Satellites. During these camps the WCC coaches assess the riders levels and the most talented may be selected to join a high level training course at the WCC.

How to take part in a talent identification camp
The WCC contacts the National Federations to inform them about specific talent identification camps and asks the National Federations to select a number of trainees who meet specific criteria (age, gender, skills, etc.). These criteria depend on the objectives set by the WCC / UCI for the current year or over a longer period (such as the Olympic Games).

- On recommendation of a National Federation, a coach working for a Federation or independent requests
It should be noted that all athletes must have the support of their National Federation before being accepted for a high level training camp at the WCC.


If you are:

- A National Federation member of the UCI who wishes to send one or more athletes to a high-level course
Please contact the WCC directly to propose one or more athletes, email: [email protected]. The WCC will review your application and a formal invitation will be sent to you if the athlete(s) are selected.

- An athlete
Please contact your National Federation. The WCC does not take into consideration requests that are not sent through the National Federation.

- A National Federation, a National Team or a Group and you wish to rent the WCC infrastructures to organize a training camp
Please see the following link: Training camps.

The WCC has five satellites throughout the world (in South Africa, Korea, Japan, India, and Argentina). Each of these satellites selects and trains athletes from the National Federations it serves. This process aims at the long-term development of athletes, some of whom may be selected for high-level training at the WCC in Switzerland.


All of the UCI’s Olympic revenues are directed towards training and development. The other financial resources required come from Olympic Solidarity, government authorities, sponsors, private funds and donations.

The average cost of an athlete receiving high level training at the WCC is 300 Swiss francs per day of training, in other words 9,000 Swiss francs per month. This cost per athlete includes: accommodation, meals, supervision, equipment, infrastructures, medical monitoring, insurance, travel and accommodation expenses for competitions, licences and other administrative costs.