Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)
Allée Ferdi Kübler 12
1860 Aigle
Tel. +41 24 468 58 11
[email protected]

Opening Hours 


Monday-Friday: 8h00-17h30 
Saturday and Sunday: closed

Closed on public holidays:

Good Friday
Easter Monday
Ascension Day (Thursday)
Pentecost (Monday)
Jeûne Fédéral (Monday)
December 24-January 3


Building and Restaurant

Restaurant: Open Monday through Friday: 8h00-17h30, Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays


Sports Department

Peter Van den Abeele – Sports Director

Matthew Knight – Head of Road

Gilles Peruzzi – Head of Track, Para-Cycling & Indoor Cycling

Simon Burney  - Off-Road Manager

Morgane Gaultier – Road World Championships and Strategic Sports Projects Manage

Christopher Bifrare – Sports Transversal Operations Manager

Kevin MacCuish – Olympic Games & Major Events Manager

Michael Rogers - Innovation Manager



Isabella Burczak – Advocacy Manager


Communication Department

Christophe Marchadier - Head of Digital and Communications

Adrien de Cheveigné - Digital and Audience Growth Manager

Julien Stauffer – Communications Manager

Louis Chenaille – Media Relations Officer


Marketing & Sales Department

Bertrand Vedovotto – Head of Marketing and Sales

Emmanuel Blanchard – Manager Marketing and Merchandising


Legal Services

Patrick Wilson – Head of Legal Services


Legal Anti-Doping Services (LADS)

Simon Geinoz  – Head of Legal Anti-Doping Services



Xavier Bigard – Medical Director 


Finances et Administration

Jeremy Conrad-Pickles – Chief Financial Officer

Luc Bordel – Financial Controller

Marco Illobre – IT Manager


Human Ressources

Virginie Mariaux  – Head of Human Ressources

UCI World Cycling Centre (WCC) and International Relations 

Vincent Jacquet – International Relations, Development and WCC Director 

Alex Roussel – Manager Mechanics

Frédéric Michel – UCI World Cycling Centre Manager (Operations)


Organisational Charts

Senior Management


Marketing and Sales

Digital, Communications

Finances and Administration

Human Resources

International Relations, Development and WCC

Legal Anti-Doping Services

Legal Services