Discarding of bottles and waste: the UCI adapts is rules for the Tour de France and the rest of 2021

Jun 21, 2021, 15:05 PM

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has decided to extend, with a few minor technical adjustments, the rules covering the discarding of bottles and waste that came into force at the 11th stage of the Giro d’Italia and which are applicable to all events on the UCI Road International Calendar.

The adjusted rules will be applicable from the start of La Course by le Tour de France and the Tour de France (26 June) until the end of 2021. An assessment will be carried out at the end of the season, with all implicated parties, with a view to potential new adjustments for 2022.

The modifications adopted were the subject of a discussion during a meeting – organised by videoconference – between representatives of the UCI, the AIOCC (Association Internationale des Groupes Cyclistes Professionnels), the AIGCP (Association Internationale des Groupes Cyclistes Professionnels), UNIO (the association of women’s teams), the CPA (Cyclistes Professionnels Associés) and CPA Women.

The rule stating that riders will not be sanctioned for giving bottles to spectators in climbs situated within the final 50 kilometres of events or stages has been renewed. However, the UCI reiterates that riders must ensure that the throwing of their bottle towards the public does not present any danger, either to spectators or to the riders. In the case of non-compliance with these conditions, the sanctions will be maintained in accordance with the UCI Regulations currently in force.

Moreover, as announced on 18 March, in specific race situations which might lead riders to dispose of bottles or waste outside the zones provided for this purpose (for example when echelons are formed), which is forbidden, the Commissaires’ Panel, as authorised by the UCI regulations in force, shall have the possibility of not sanctioning the rider if it deems the situation exceptional.

Furthermore, in the case of a heatwave or during certain long flat stages, measures may be put in place by the President of the Commissaires’ Panel as an exception and in consultation with the organiser. These measures will be announced in the organiser’s daily communiqué and via radio-tour.

These adjustments to the rules in force were made because of the UCI’s desire to continually draw on information and experiences gathered on the ground with implicated parties, to ensure the rules are coherent and in the interests of rider safety.

These special provisions are published on the Regulations page of the UCI website.