About BMX Freestyle

BMX Freestyle is a spectacular discipline where the riders perform routines which consist of sequences of executing tricks. It can be carried out in various ways such as on flat ground, in the streets, on dirt jumps, a halfpipe and on constructed ramps. In competition, riders are judged on quality of their performance (difficulty, originality and style).

The disciplines of BMX Freestyle :



In BMX park competitions, riders execute a sequence of tricks on different obstacles contained within a park designed for BMX riders. Such obstacles include spines, walls, and box jumps et cetera. This is the Olympic discipline of BMX Freestyle.

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Vert is the abbreviation of vertical. This consists of performing tricks on a U-shaped ramp that is around four metres high. The sides of the ramp are vertical at the top. The best riders jump up to 4.5m higher than the ramp. Vert is a very demanding specialty, requiring years of practice.



Here the rider produces a series of tricks exclusively on flat ground, often balancing on one wheel. This artistic discipline can be compared with break dancing.



As its name indicates, this takes place on the street. Riders use urban obstacles (walls, ledges, banks and railings etc) to carry out their tricks. The principle of street is to explore, searching for new terrain that can be ridden.



Riders perform tricks on mounds of earth that are shaped to catch air. With several metres separating the take off and landing, the jumps are extremely spectacular. Riders are judged on the successful execution of several tricks during the jumps, coupled with their degree of difficulty.