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Seminars and events
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Guided tours

To celebrate its 13th anniversary, the UCI WCC revamped its open spaces (visits free of charge, 7 days a week). The history and activities of both the WCC and the UCI are presented in an attractive and entertaining fashion. Numerous panels full of anecdotes are located in the hall, corridors and patio. Go and find them!

You will also find:
- A review of the evolution of the bicycle: from the Draisienne to the bicycles of today
- An updated Hall of Fame, honouring former WCC athletes who have become champions

As well as:
- A permanent exhibition of different bikes used in cycling’s various disciplines.
- A permanent exhibition of cycling photos along the covered walkway that runs around the velodrome’s wooden track.

Guided tour of the UCI WCC and the UCI: this includes the screening of a film on the origins of the UCI World Cycling Centre project, the construction of the Centre, and the philosophy behind its activities.
The film is followed by a tour the Centre’s sports facilities, which also provides an explanation of the work carried out by an International Federation the size of the UCI.


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