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UCI World Cycling Centre: Former trainee mechanic delivers courses in China

Yuan Hui Dong
Yuan Hui Dong's Chinese workshop

Less than 18 months after obtaining his Level 3 mechanics certificate at the UCI World Cycling Centre, Yuan Hui Dong has in turn trained 15 mechanics in his native China.

Mr Dong’s love of bike mechanics led him to travel to the UCI WCC at the end of 2016 to complete a three-week course in Aigle, Switzerland. With the highest qualification (level three) in his pocket, the young mechanic then opened a small workshop in Luoyang, in the western Henan province of China, where he started passing on his expertise to those working in the same profession.

His desire to teach stemmed from his own experience as a mechanic in China, where he believes the working environment, conditions and the quality of mechanics can be improved.

“I have worked in China for 11 years, for many brands of specialty stores and component suppliers. I also tried to join a cycling team, but it is very difficult in the Chinese system. I failed more than once,” explained the qualified mechanic. “I have experienced the current status of the industry in China, and after training and learning at the UCI headquarters, I am more determined than ever to improve the situation in China.”

Dong said that while most of his students already had work experience, two were new to the profession and had been able to sign contracts with bike stores after attending his course.

Until recently, he has only been able to accept one trainee mechanic at a time, but he has now found larger premises at the Luoyang Bicycle Training Centre, which will enable him to have bigger classes.

UCI WCC Director Frédéric Magné said: “This is a wonderful example of the positive knock-on effects of courses we deliver at the World Cycling Centre for cycling’s different professions. People who qualify with us as sport directors, coaches or mechanics, come away with the proficiency to in turn help those back in their own countries, further professionalising cycling worldwide.”

Yuan Hui Dong teaches mechanics for Level 1, while the UCI WCC’s professional mechanics staff administer the Level 2 and 3 courses in Aigle, Switzerland.

More information about the UCI WCC mechanics training course and how to register can be found here.