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How to make a UCI Hour record timed by Tissot attempt

Evelyn Stevens - #UCIHourRecord
Evelyn Stevens - #UCIHourRecord

How to attempt a UCI Hour Record timed by Tissot

The UCI Hour Record timed by Tissot is the exclusive property of the UCI, and can be established
in the following categories:

• Men Elite
• Men Para-cycling
• Women Elite
• Women Para-cycling.

Riders wishing to make an official attempt on the UCI Hour Record timed by Tissot must adhere to the following conditions:

1. Any attempt must be authorised in writing in advance by the National Federation of the rider. This authorisation must reach the UCI no later than two months prior to the attempt.

2. If the record attempt is to take place in a country other than that of the National Federation of the rider, that National Federation must send a “letter of support” to the UCI.

3. The rider must be included in the UCI Registered Testing Pool, provide accurate and up-to-date whereabouts information, and be subject to anti-doping controls collected and analysed in accordance with the Athlete Biological Passport programme as implemented by the UCI. If the rider is not in the Registered Testing Pool or does not have an Athlete Biological Passport, all costs associated with testing the rider or carrying out extra controls shall be borne by the rider. Further information may be obtained directly from the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation.

4. The bicycle (and other riding equipment) shall be submitted to the UCI Technical Department ( for approval no later than 15 days before the date of the attempt.

5. The attempt must take place on a UCI-approved track, and will be officiated by a UCI appointed International Commissaire.

6. Official electronic timing of the attempt will be supplied by the UCI’s partner, Tissot.

In order to make an official attempt, an agreement will be put in place between the UCI and the event organiser and the rider making the attempt in advance.

Any attempt must be announced confidentially as early as possible to

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