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Preliminary provisions   

(version on 30.09.10)



(version on 01.10.10)


Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport

(version on 01.10.12)    

Technical regulations for bicycles, a practical guide to implementation

Bicycle measuring jig for time trial

Non-standard wheels in conformity with article 1.3.018


Part II: Road Races

(version on 01.09.12)

Joint Agreements

(version on 22.12.09)

Joint Agreements 2013


Riders agent regulations
 on 17.06.11)


Part III: Track Races

(version on 01.10.11) 


Part IV: Mountain Bike Races

(version on 01.02.12)


Part V: Cyclo-cross Races

(version on 01.07.11)


Part VI: BMX Rule Book

(version in force May 21st 2012)


Part VII: Trials Regulations

(version on 01.02.12)


Part VIII: Indoor cycling:

- Artistic Cycling (version on 01.01.08)

- Cycle-ball (version on 01.10.10)


Part IX: World Championships

(version on 01.07.12)

2012 Road World Championships - Qualification Systems :


Part X: Continental Championships

(version on 30.06.09)


Part XI: Olympic Games

(version on 30.09.10)


Part XII: Discipline and Procedures

(version on 01.10.11)


Part XIII: Sporting Safety and Conditions

(version on 04.05.11) 


Part XIV: Antidoping Rules

(version on 01.02.12)

Appendices to the Anti-doping Rules

(version on 28.08.12)

Prohibited list 2011

(entry into force 1 January 2011) 



Part XV: Cycling For All

(version on 01.10.11)


Part XVI: Para-cycling

(version on 01.07.12)

Art. 16.9.001 - 16.9.013 modified on 01.07.12


Translations of the UCI Constitution and Regulations in various languages are available on the website of several National Federations (example: Constitution and Regulations in Spanish). These texts provide guidance for users, however they cannot be considered as official texts binding the responsibility of the UCI. In the case of disparity between the UCI’s original version and one of the translations, only the original UCI texts should be taken into account. 


UCI Code of Ethics 

UCI Rules of Good Governance


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