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Clarification of the Technical Regulation


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    Frames and forks approval


    All the information concerning the approval procedure for frames and forks is available in the following document:

    Below are the documents necessary to ensure that the approval procedure runs smoothly as defined in the Protocol:


    The FAQ document answers the most common questions regarding the approval:


     Below you will find the regularly updated list of approved models of frames and forks:


    Wheels approval



    Rider’s apparel


     The English version will be available shortly. In the meantime, please refer to the French version.


    1. General arrangements

    2. Teams registered with the UCI

    3. Regional and club teams

    4. Leader's clothing

         - Leader's clothing TRACK (13.12.12 available) 

    - Leader's clothing MTB (22.02.12 available)

    5. National team clothing

    6. World Champion's jersey

    7. National Champion's jersey

    8. Continental Champion's jersey





    The link below presents the 3D measuring device from Hexagon Metrology used to allow the dimensional compliance of the frames and forks:



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