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True Champion or Cheat ?

The UCI is pleased to introduce you to True Champion or Cheat?, a new education programme aimed at fighting against doping, designed for riders of all levels and their support team. This programme was presented at the UCI Congress in Lugano in September 2009.  It was then launched at a press conference the following day. 

True Champion or Cheat? is an interactive learning experience which is interesting and rewarding for participants. The programme comprises a series of eight 10-15 minute videos. During these videos, participants are required to interact with the actors and reply to quizzes throughout the different modules, which must all be completed.  Each of these modules broaches a specific theme.

The primary aim of the programme is to ensure riders fully understand their rights and responsibilities under the UCI Anti-Doping Rules and the World Anti-Doping Code. The current modules cover the following subjects:

1. the Anti-Doping Regulation
2. doping testing procedures
3. the list of prohibited substances and methods
4. whereabouts information
5. therapeutic use exemptions
6. dietary supplements
7. breaches of the Regulation
8. health consequences of doping.

The development of the programme reflects the UCI’s belief that we will succeed in eliminating doping in our sport by combining three approaches:

1. a solid and comprehensive testing programme
2. an interesting and informative education programme
3. the commitment of National Federations and professional teams to providing an environment in which strong ethics and an authentic doping-free culture are of prime importance.

It is obligatory for all riders included in the UCI Registered Testing Pool (RTP) to complete the education programme. The list of riders concerned can be found in the Anti-doping section of the UCI website (www.uci.ch). They must all fulfil this obligation within 6 months of being included in the RTP.  If they fail to do so, they will not be able to join a national or professional team.  

In order to emphasise the importance which UCI places on education, we have amended the Anti-Doping chapter of our Regulations to include a new section related specifically to education.

True Champion or Cheat? is currently available in 8 languages. The original is in English, with dubbed versions in French and Spanish and sub-titled versions in German, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Swedish.  Riders and other participants are encouraged to follow the programme on-line to ensure its completion is registered by their National Federation and the UCI. The programme is also available on DVD for completion off-line in five of the eight languages mentioned above. If you require further information, please contact the UCI at education@uci.ch
The programme will be extended during 2010 with the addition of further modules covering ethical questions and the negative psychological effects of doping, and demonstrating that it is possible to be a “clean” champion.


Educational Programme

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