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Registered Testing Pool

One of the requirements that the WADA considers of utmost importance is for each International Sport Federation (IF) and National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO), is to define a group of athletes to be included in their Registered Testing Pool (RTP). For the UCI, this means a group of international-standard riders who meet certain criteria. Our criteria for adding a rider to the UCI RTP include (but are not limited to) UCI rankings, classifications, race results, disciplinary hearing results and other factors determined by the UCI Anti-Doping Commission.


You will find below the list of riders in the UCI RTP for 2013, the criteria that have been used to build the RTP and finally the letter of inclusion that is sent to the athletes who are part of it.




The official UCI letter is sent to the riders to inform them of their inclusion in the UCI Registered Testing Pool. In addition to the explanations related to their obligations as an athlete, the letter also includes information concerning athletes' whereabouts and therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs).



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