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Mission statement


L'Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is cycling’s International Federation recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The UCI was founded in Paris in 1900, it's headquarters are at the World Cycling Centre, Aigle, Switzerland.


The UCI administers and promotes the development of the eight disciplines of cycling all around the world (road, track, mountain bike, BMX, para-cycling, cyclo-cross, trials and indoor cycling). Over the last 10 years, the UCI has intensified its development activities on all five continents.

The UCI’s mission is to develop and promote cycling, in close collaboration with National Federations, be it as a competition sport and its associated values (effort, well-being and fair play), as a healthy recreational activity or as a means of transport.

In particular, the UCI:

  • organises the UCI World Championships and the UCI World Cups,
  • collaborates with the IOC to organise the cycling events of the Olympic Games,
  • sets the dates of races on the International Calendar,
  • establishes the regulations for the cycling disciplines,
  • develops the disciplines of cycling around the world,
  • organises training programmes,
  • fights against doping.


In addition to our statutory aims, we pay particular attention to the following areas:


Training and development

The World Cycling Centre (WCC), headquarters of the Union Cycliste Internationale founded in Aigle, Switzerland, is a coaching and training centre recognized by the International Olympic Committee...

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The fight against doping

For over 40 years, riders’ health and promoting the ethics of sport have been core concerns of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), making it one of the pioneers in this field...

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Developing equipment

  • Being aware of the potential dangers and problems posed by a loss of control over the technical aspects of cycling, the UCI Management Committee has on 8thOctober 1996 in Lugano, taken a number of measures...  Lugano Charter
  • The UCI Regulations assert the primacy of man over machine. Observance of the regulations by all the parties
    involved guarantees sporting fairness and safety during competition :
     Technical regulations for bicycles, a practical guide to implementation (2.15 Mb)



Protecting the environment

  • The protection of the environment and the application of the principles of sustainable development are fundamental duties for all individuals in society. As an International Federation, the Union Cycliste Internationale is committed to assume its responsibilities in this respect : Charter Cycling and the Environment
  • The UCI produced a working tool for organizers of cycling events entitled "ReCycling, the UCI Environmental Guidebook"


Involving disabled people

  • Paracycling has been fully integrated into the UCI as a discipline in its own right, and World Championships and a World Cup are organised every year.





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