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Extreme Weather Conditions – protocol to be tested during the Giro d’Italia

Representatives from the UCI - notably commissaires -, riders (CPA), teams (AIGCP) and organisers (AIOCC) have agreed on the principles of an action plan in the event of extreme weather conditions during the Giro d’Italia.

The group considers the safety and the health of riders as an absolute priority.

The protocol involves notably the compulsory convening of a meeting between the stakeholders (organisation including race doctor and chief of security, riders, teams, President of the Commissaires Panel,) when extreme weather conditions are anticipated prior to the start of a stage. This meeting can be convened at the request of any one of the named representatives.The extreme weather conditions that could lead to this meeting include:

  1. Freezing rain
  2. Snow accumulation on the road
  3. Strong winds
  4. Extreme temperatures
  5. Poor visibility
  6. Air pollution

Depending on the type of condition that may be encountered the following actions may be taken:

  1. No action
  2. Modification of the start venue
  3. Modification of the start time
  4. Modification of the finish venue
  5. Use of an alternative course
  6. Neutralization of a section of the stage/race
  7. Cancellation of the stage/race

The CPA and AIGCP will respectively name their rider and team representative prior to the start on Saturday.

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