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Olympic Games
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Road cycling at Rio 2016

Road Cycling at the Olympic Games
Road Cycling at the Olympic Games

Date: August 6-7 and 10
Venue: Roads of Rio de Janeiro
Medal events: four (men 2, women 2)
Test event: August 16, 2015

Event Schedule - Road - (Correct at 06.06.2016)

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A short history

Road cycling emerged as a sport at the end of the 19th century. According to popular legend, the first ever bicycle race was held in Paris in 1868. The sport featured at the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and the road race has been included on every Olympic programme since the Stockholm 1912 Games. The individual time trial made its Olympic debut at Atlanta 1996.

Competition format

The road race is a mass-start event, and the first rider to cross the finish line will be declared the winner. For the time trial, riders will start at regular intervals and the fastest rider over the course in each category will be declared the winner.

Road Cycling at the Olympic Games


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