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Olympic Games
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Rio 2016 cycling venues

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1. Deodoro Park

The Deodoro Park is the second largest concentration of competition venues at Rio 2016. Its nine venues will host 11 Olympic sports including BMX and mountain bike.

The BMX Olympic Centre will be constructed in the X Park section of the Deodoro Olympic Park. It will be 400m long and will have seating for 7500 spectators. After the Olympic Games it will host athletes both for high-level training and for leisure activities.

The mountain bike track, 5440m long, will offer panoramic views of Rio de Janeiro. The terrain is hilly with open grassland covered by low shrubbery, offering a fantastic landscape for this discipline. Riders will pass several times in front of the public, making it very spectator-friendly. There will be seating for 5,000 plus standing room for another 20,000 spectators.

After the Games, the training track will be used as a leisure and high level training facility.

Deodoro - Rio 2016

2. Fort Copacabana

The cycling road race will start and finish at Fort Copacabana. Arguably Rio de Janeiro's most famous neighbourhood, Copacabana is defined by its 4km-long crescent-shaped beach. Fort Copacabana is a military base built on the headland at the south end of Copacabana Beach. As well as road cycling, this venue will be used for the triathlon and open water swimming events.

Road cycling

For the road race, the men will cover 256.4km, and the women 137km. It mixes some of Rio de Janeiro’s iconic backdrops such as Copacabana and Ipanema with some testing sections including the Grumari Circuit and the climb up to Canoas / Vista Chinesa.

The road race:
• Starts and finishes in Copacabana
• Passes through Ipanema, Barra and Reserva Beach
• Includes laps of the Grumari Circuit (one lap for women and four laps for men); this circuit includes two climbs: Grumari, a narrow climb and descent in a forested area which averages 7% over 1.2km with a maximum gradient of 13% and the Grota Funda climb which averages 4.5% over 2.1km with a maximum gradient of 6%; the circuit also includes a cobble stone section of 2km;
• Includes a long coastal section at Reserva Beach and Barra;
• Includes laps of the Canoas/Vista Chinesa Circuit (one for women and three for men); the circuit starts with the Canoas climb continuing with the Vista Chinesa climb over 8.9km uphill followed by a technical descent of 6km. Vista Chinesa is a monument located in Tijuca National Park
• Include a flat section of 20 kilometres through Ipanema and Copacabana.
The time trial:
• Starts and finished in Tim Maia Square along Pontal Beach
• 29.8km long, to be complete twice by the men and once by the women
• Includes the Grumari Circuit from the road race

Copacabana - Rio 2016

3. Barra Olympic Park

The Barra Olympic Park is at the heart of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The new 1.18 million square-metre Olympic Park, constructed on a former motor racing venue in the west of Rio, will host 16 Olympic sports and nine Paralympic sports. It is 10 minutes from the Olympic and Paralympic village.


The Rio Olympic Velodrome is located in the Barra Olympic Park. The Olympic Velodrome’s 250m track will be of Siberian pine, banked to an angle of 12 degrees at its shallowest point and 42 degrees at its steepest point. Spectator capacity is 5,800.

After the Games, the Rio Olympic Velodrome will become an integral part of Brazil’s Olympic Training Centre.


Barra - Rio 2016


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