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Cycling Independent Reform Commission (CIRC)

On January 8th 2014, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) announced the creation of the Cycling Independent Reform Commission (CIRC) and the names of the three independent people appointed to this commission.

Essentially, the CIRC’s mission is to investigate the problems that our sport has faced in recent years, notably the allegations – particularly damaging to our image – that the UCI was implicated in wrongdoing in the past. On this basis, the CIRC will make recommendations for change so that as far as possible those mistakes are not repeated.

On February 1st, the UCI Management Committee approved a special UCI regulation that formalises the CIRC’s mission and puts in place procedures enabling it, from February 1st 2014, to propose reduced sanctions or an exemption from any sanctions to people who, during their collaboration with the CIRC investigation, admit having breached the anti-doping regulation.

Anyone wishing to inform the CIRC of any facts linked to their investigation or to obtain further information about the way it operates, is encouraged to contact the commission at the following e-mail address:

UCI AD HOC Regulations on the CIRC

CIRC Terms of Reference

CIRC Cahier des charges

CIRC Términos de Referencia

CIRC Termini di Riferimento

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