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Anti-Doping Tribunal

The UCI Anti-Doping Tribunal was established in January 2015 as part of the reforms implemented by Brian Cookson since his election as UCI President. The UCI Anti-Doping Tribunal takes over the task, previously delegated by the UCI to the National Federations, of handling disciplinary proceedings and rendering decisions concerning violations of the Anti-doping Regulations. In principle, the jurisdiction of the UCI Anti-Doping Tribunal is limited to anti-doping affairs involving international level riders. The judges are fully independent from the UCI and were nominated in view of their outstanding expertise in the field of anti-doping and dispute resolution.



Helle Qvortrup Bachmann (DEN)
Prof. Ulrich Haas (GER)
Emily Wisnosky (USA)
Andreas Zagklis (GRE)
Julien Zylberstein (FRA)



Anti-Doping Tribunal Procedural Rules



UCI ADT 01.2015 UCI c. M. Lloyd Mondory

UCI ADT 02.2015 UCI v. Mr Luca Paolini

UCI ADT 03.2016 UCI v. Ms Blaza Klemencic

UCI ADT 02.2016 UCI v. Mr Fabio Taborre

UCI ADT 04.2016 UCI v. Mr Carlos Oyarzun

UCI ADT 01.2017 UCI v. Mr Giampaolo Caruso

UCI ADT 05.2016 & 02.2017 UCI v. Mr Jure Kocjan

UCI ADT 03.2017 UCI v. Ms Isabella Moreira Lacerda

UCI ADT 05.2017 UCI v. Mr Josemberg Nunes Pinho

UCI ADT 06.2017 UCI v. Mr Alex Correia Diniz

UCI ADT 09.2017 UCI v. Mr. Nicola Ruffoni

UCI ADT 08.2017 UCI v. Mr Kleber Da Silva Ramos

UCI ADT 04.2017 UCI v. Mr Ralf Matzka

UCI ADT 11.2017 UCI v. Mr Sergio Perez Gutierrez

UCI ADT 10.2017 UCI v. Mr Wilson Ramiro Rincon Diaz


CAS Awards

CAS 2016 / A / Carlos Ivàn Oyarzun Guiñez v. UCI & UCI-ADT & PASO & CNOC

CAS 2016 / A / 4648 Blaza Klemencic v. UCI

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