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The UCI Regulations establish the rules of cycling while keeping abreast of the sport’s evolution and development. In this section you will find all the regulations governing UCI activities and competitions, in particular the different regulations for each discipline, the anti-doping regulations and the disciplinary regulations.


Regulations in force Rules Amendements

Preliminary provisions

(version on 01.05.14)

UCI Constitution

(version on 26.09.14)

UCI Code of Ethics

(version on 02.06.16)

Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport

(version on 03.08.2016)

Amendments to regulations with effect on 01.03.2016

Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport - Rules amendements in force on 03.06.2016


Part II: Road races

(version on 22.06.2016)

2015 Regional Games

Driver's certificate: Directives concerning Article 2.2.035bis

Teams participation, art. 2.2.001

(version on 05.02.2016)

Joint Agreements 2013

Riders agent regulations

(version on 01.01.15)

Extreme weather protocol

(version on 03.06.2016)

Part II: Road Races - Rules amendements as from 01.01.2017

(Version on 22.06.2016)


Part III: Track Races

(version on 04.06.2016)

Part III: Track Races - Rules Amendments in force on 04.06.2016

Part IV: Mountain Bike

(version on 01.01.2016)


Part V: Cyclo-cross

(version on 07.06.2016)


Part V: Cyclo-cross - Rules amendements in force on 07.06.2016


Part VI: BMX

(version on 04.04.14)

Part VI bis: BMX Freestyle

(version on 12.02.16)


Part VII: Trials

(version on 30.01.15)

Part VIII: Indoor cycling

Part VIII: Indoor cycling - Artistic Cycling

(version on 01.01.16)

Part VIII: Indoor cycling - Cycle-ball

(version on 01.01.13)


Part IX: World Championships

(version on 15.03.2016)

Qualification system for the 2016 UCI Road World Championships


Part IX: World Championships - Rules amendments in force on 15.03.2016

Part X: Continental Championships

(version on 07.12.2015)

Part XI: Olympic Games

(version on 07.12.2015)

Part XII: Discipline and Procedures

(version on 01.01.2016)


Part XIII: Medical Rules

(version on 01.01.15)

Part XIV: Anti-doping Rules

(version on 01.01.15)

Regulations TUE

UCI Testing & Investigations Regulations

Anti-Doping Tribunal Procedural Rules

Part XV: Cycling For All

(version on 01.01.2016)

Part XVI: Para-cycling

Part XVI: Para-cycling - Rules amendements in force on 01.01.16

Part XVI: Para-cycling - Rules amendements in force on 01.05.16

Part XVI: Para-cycling - Rules amendements in force on 01.01.17

Translations of the UCI Constitution and Regulations in various languages are available on the website of several National Federations (example: Regulations in Spanish). These texts provide guidance for users, however they cannot be considered as official texts binding the responsibility of the UCI. In the case of disparity between the UCI’s original version and one of the translations, only the original UCI texts should be taken into account.

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