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Mr. Patrick François (FRA)

Patrick François
Patrick François

A keen cyclist for as long as he can remember, Patrick François became more closely involved with the sport in the 1990s, first as a competitor and then as an organiser of cycling events. Just over 10 years ago he founded the AEC (European Association of Cycling) of which he is still President. At the same time, Patrick works for the French Cycling Federation, coordinating and developing cyclosportives and Cycling for all.

In 2006 Patrick launched Eco-Cyclo, a programme encouraging cyclists and event organisers to adopt environmentally friendly practices. This initiative quickly expanded and now operates internationally. Some 70 volunteers join the peloton of different cyclosportives worldwide to spread the eco cycling message and generate greater respect for the countryside we cycle through. Eco-Cyclo also works with sponsors and spectators, informing and educating in a bid to conserve the environment for future generations.

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