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UCI Cycle-ball World Cup: winners in Krofdorf decided in extra time

Host team RTK Krofdorf (Sascha Götz – Luca Wagner) in action
Host team RTK Krofdorf (Sascha Götz – Luca Wagner) in action

The UCI Cycle-ball World Cup tournament in Krofdorf (Germany)  came down to a close battle between two of the most successful teams in the history of the sport: Switzerland’s RS Altdorf (Dominik Planzer–Roman Schneider) and Germany’s RV Gärtringen (Uwe Berner–Matthias König). The Swiss duo has three overall UCI World Cup victories to its name, while RV Gärtiringen has won the overall title twice. 

After a closely-faught final in Krofdorf, the Swiss team won the extra-time penalty shootout 5:3, thus celebrating their 14th victory in a UCI World Cup tournament.

Third place went to last year‘s winner RVS Obernfeld (Andre and Manuel Kopp) who won the  “small final” 3:0 against veterans TJ Favorit Brünn (Pavel Smid – Miroslav Berger), from the Czech Republic.  

The host team RTK Krofdorf (Sascha Götz – Luca Wagner) who had a wildcard to compete, narrowly missed the semi-final, drawing 3:3 against TJ Favorit Brünn. In the match for 5th place, they won 6:2 against the Belgians from SNA Gent (Peter Martens – Christophe Baudu).

The leader‘s jersey of the World Cup is still on the shoulders of Austria’s RC Höchst (Simon König – Florian Fischer), who have won two rounds of the 2015 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup so far and currently  total 145 points. With 130 points, TJ Favorit Brünn have confirmed their qualification for the World Cup Final in Mosnang, Switzerland, on December 5th.

Before then, the last two rounds of the UCI Cycle-ball World Cup will take place in St. Gallen, Switzerland, on October 10th  and Höchst, Austria, two weeks later.


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