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Indoor cycling

The UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Chronicle

The UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Chronicle
The UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Chronicle

- What happened -

The 2016 World Cup series drew to a close with yet more success for Austria: an RC Höchst team emerged victorious for the fifth time this year at the season’s final qualifying tournament in Wendlingen, Germany. As if that was not enough, the club secured its second one-two finish of the season with Höchst II (Simon König and Florian Fischer) defeating reigning UCI World Champions Höchst I (Patrick Schnetzer and Markus Bröll) 5-4 in the final. König and Fischer’s third victory of the season means they have been more successful than any other pair in 2016, confirming their place at the top of the UCI World Cup rankings with 195 points and making them favourites to lift the trophy at the Final in Winterthur, Switzerland, on 12 November.

Final hosts Winterthur (Peter Jiricek/Marcel Waldispühl) lost to newly-crowned German Champions Stein (Bernd Mlady/Gerhard Mlady) 6-5 after extra-time in the third-place play-off.

Höchst I and II dominated their respective groups, progressing to the knockout stages unbeaten. Meanwhile Swiss team RMV Pfungen’s fifth-place finish meant Severin and Benjamin Waibel secured the last spot for the Final in Winterthur.

- What's next? -

2016 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup #Final: Winterthur (Switzerland), 12 November

- Last year’s results -

Winterthur has never held a UCI Cycle-ball World Cup event before.

- What you should know about… Winterthur -

While Winterthur has played host to two previous UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships in 1997 and 2007, it has never held a UCI Cycle-ball World Cup event before. This Swiss town of around 108,000 inhabitants will witness the end of an era as three-time UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships winner, four-time runner-up and 2007 third-place finisher Peter Jiricek calls time on his career along with riding partner Marcel Waldispühl. The duo has been competing together for Winterthur since 2009. Despite his successful career, Jiricek has never won the UCI World Cup Final, and a long-awaited victory in front of a home crowd would be the perfect way to say goodbye. Winterthur will retain its link to indoor cycling after Jiricek’s retirement as the headquarters of his Star Bicycle brand.


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- Photo of the week -

What a save!

- Focus on… Höchst II (AUT) - 

Simon König’s victory in Wendlingen makes him the competition’s single most successful rider of all time with 19 tournament wins under his belt. König notched seven victories with Dietmar Schneider between 2003 and 2009 as well as winning the overall Final in 2005, before adding a further 12 tournament wins and two second-place Final finishes with Simon Fischer since 2010. Victory in Winterthur would be their first triumph together in a UCI World Cup Final.
Main results
2012, 2013 UCI World Cup Final – 2nd

2010 - 2016 UCI World Cup Tournament – 12x 1st

2011, 2013 European Cup – 1st

2016 European Cup – 3rd

2010, 2013 National Championship – 1st

2011, 2012 National Cup – 1st

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