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The UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Chronicle

The UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Chronicle
The UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Chronicle

- What happened -

The sixth UCI Cycle-ball World Cup tournament in Ailingen did not turn out as Patrick Schnetzer and Markus Bröll might have hoped. The reigning UCI World Champions travelled to Germany seeking their third successive win and a shot at the ‘Grand Slam’ of four wins in one World Cup series, a landmark achieved just once before in the sport’s history.
But it was not to be. Czech side Svitavka proved to be a stumbling block for Höchst I, with Jiri Hrdlicka and Pavel Loskot winning 6-5 in qualification. “We totally botched the opening game,” Schnetzer and Bröll said in the wake of their shock defeat. Despite recovering to thrash Belgian pair Beringen and hosts Ailingen 10-1 and 7-1 respectively, the German duo once again lost 6-5 to Bundesliga champions RMC Stein (Gerhard Mlady/Bernd Mlady) to miss out on a semi-final spot. “At least we still managed to produce a couple of good performances,” the Austrian world champions concluded after finishing fifth.

With Höchst I out of contention, the door was open for back-up option and reigning Austrian champions Simon König and Florian Fischer of Höchst II, who ultimately beat last year’s UCI World Indoor Cycling World Championships silver medallists Altdorf (Roman Schneider/Dominik Planzer) 4-1 in the final.
The Swiss duo’s second-place finish handed them the lead in the overall standings and secured their place at the Final in Winterthur, Switzerland, on 12 November. Stein finished third as the Mlady cousins beat Svitavka 8-4 in an action-packed third-place play-off.

- What's next? - 

2016 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup #7: St. Gallen (Switzerland), 15 October

- Last year’s results -

1. RMC Stein/GER (Gerhard Mlady/Bernd Mlady)
2. RS Altdorf/SUI (Roman Schneider/Dominik Planzer)
3. RV Obernfeld/GER (André Kopp/Manuel Kopp)

All results:

- What you should know about… St. Gallen -

The Swiss city of St. Gallen is a regular fixture in the World Cup calendar. Since joining the UCI series in 2004, the OLMA tournament has been missing from the schedules just once, in 2005. This year marks the 70th edition of the event since 1945. When it comes to the World Cup, St. Gallen is a fortress for Swiss teams, and Altdorf in particular. Yet despite winning here five times before, Dominik Planzer and Roman Schneider have already made four appearances this season and will not be competing in St. Gallen. Winterthur secured another victory for Switzerland here back in 2014, while Austria have celebrated a trio of past wins thanks to two Dornbirn triumphs and another for Höchst I. German teams have only won here twice before, most recently with Stein last year.


- UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Rankings -


- Photo of the week -

Photo of the week

- Focus on… Dornbirn (AUT) -

Martin Lingg and Daniel König have reunited after more than ten years. The Austrian pair rode together for Lustenau before going their separate ways in 2004. König retired from the sport while Lingg joined up with Markus Bröll (now of Höchst I) to become UCI Indoor Cycling World Championship runners-up in 2007. Lingg and König have had considerable success so far this season, finishing third in Großkoschen before recording two consecutive fourth-place finishes. With 110 points so far this season, a place in the Final is well within their reach.
Main results
2016 National Cup – 3rd
2016 National League – 3rd
2016 World Cup Series – 3rd, 2x 4th

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