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Bidding Process - Cyclo-cross
Bidding Process - Cyclo-cross

UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships
UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup

In some parts of Europe, cyclo-cross is more than just a sport: it is a culture. There are many stories of how the discipline first came about: some say that it developed from riders taking shortcuts across fields in winter and having to carry their bikes, climb fences and splash through water... Some say that the races started out of a sheer sense of fun... Whatever the truth, cyclo-cross was born. As if cycling was not hard enough, mud and obstacles were added to the equation. The legendary status of this discipline formed over many years of hard racing in tough weather conditions. The images speak for themselves – the riders’ faces covered in mud and competitors running through difficult sections with their bikes on their backs.
The sport has developed steadily and the season is now structured around the rounds of the UCI World Cup and the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships. This great sport takes place in the autumn and winter. Among the advantages of hosting a cyclo-cross event is that the logistical constraints are not particularly severe. There is no need to close roads and cyclo-cross is perfect for a downtown park. Thousands of spectators are drawn to the circuit. The atmosphere is electrifying!

Number of competition days: 2
Number of athletes: 230
Media accreditations: 300
Other accreditations: 1,300
Spectators: up to 60,000

TV Coverage: 30-35 countries
Broadcasters: 10-15
TV Audience: around 34 million

Next availability: 2021

Bidding guide - UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships

Bidding guide - Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup

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