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Giving children a chance to ride

Giving children a chance to ride
Giving children a chance to ride

For many adults, it was learning to ride a bike as a child that gave a sense of freedom. UCI wants to ensure that today’s children are able to learn a bike in a supportive, safe environment. Enabling children to experience cycling ensures a future for the sport, helps people lead healthier lives and gives families greater mobility.

Cycle training
200,000 Dutch children aged 10-11 each year have to undergo a traffic exam by cycling a 5-10 km route.
This, coupled with excellent infrastructure for cycling, means nearly all children in the Netherlands use a bike to get to school.

A chance to ride
In many countries where infrastructure is less comprehensive, authorities can close roads for regular events to give children and adults the chance to experience traffic-free cycling. In cities like Bogotá, Colombia, such events take place at least once a week on over 100km of the city’s roads. Many other cities across the world have followed suit.


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