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Cycling for All
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Bergen, Norway
Bergen, Norway

Bergen promotes cycling for all purposes, from competitive sport to healthy everyday activity. The city of seven mountains co-host the 2017 UCI Road World Championships (RWC) in September and is also running various projects to increase cycling in the region.

A cycling training programme for children ensures that every year, several hundred little cyclists learn theory and improve their skills, so they can ride safely in their neighborhoods.

The city also has a strategy to significantly increase bike infrastructure, including a new cycling bridge and new bike routes. The aim is to reach 10% of trips by bike by 2019. Across Norway, including in Bergen, USD 1bn is being invested in new bike paths.

 Country   Norway 
 Region  Western Norway
 Government - Mayor  Marte Mjøs Persen
 City  465.56 km2 (179.75 sq mi)
 Urban  94.03 km2 (36.31 sq mi)
 City  278,121 (End Q1 2016)
 Metro  420,000 (1 January 2015)
 Bicycle Modal Share/ Trips by bike  
 Current (2016)  3%
 Target by 2019  10%



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