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Cycling for All
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About Cycling for All

City of Copenhagen
City of Copenhagen

Cycling is unique amongst sports – it is accessible to all as a leisure activity and means of transport. Over two billion people use bikes throughout the world, from all sorts of backgrounds, ages and physical ability. 

The benefits of cycling to individuals and to society are vast. Cycling every day to work reduces the risk of death from all causes by 28%, while employers and health care providers benefit due to fewer days off sick. More trips cycled means fewer car trips, leading to less congested streets, lower pollution levels, and fewer risks of injury to all road users.

As the worldwide governing body for cycling, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) knows that its mission is wider than looking after the sport. It works in partnership with those who advocate better conditions and safer roads to encourage more people to cycle for whatever reason. 

The UCI Cycling for All Manifesto is a statement of intent and pledge on UCI’s ambitions on supporting cycling in all forms.

The UCI works with its National Federations to share good practice in increasing Cycling for All. Many of the National Federations have implemented highly successful cycling for all programmes which have seen their membership and incomes increase.

The UCI advocacy commission and UCI mass participation events commissions steer UCI’s work in this area. Their members bring experience from various fields and across the globe.


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