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UCI ProTeams : 18 teams and not one more !




The UCI WoldTour circuit has been marked this season by the presence of 19 UCI ProTour teams which is exceptional. A situation created when the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) decided, on February 15, to allow the Russian team Katusha to participate in the first division. A precedent that has led to logistical complications for organisers and a certain cost.

In order to avoid a similar situation, the Professional Cycling Council (CCP), who met in Bergen (Norway) on June 12 -13, modified the rules for the award of licences. Taking decisions validated by the CCP, the UCI wrote a letter to the WorldTour teams and organisers on June 28.  Speaking of the ‘general unease amongst organisers’, after the CAS decision, the Sport and Technical Director at the International Cycling Union declared that « the CCP has insisted that the UCI rules be reviewed in order to ensure that a similar situation cannot happen again. »

To limit «the possibility of an endless series of appeals to CAS ».

Article 2.15.011 b, which specifies the number of teams in the first division, has been modified with « immediate » effect.  From hereon, there is no possibility of reevaluation for the teams in the 16th – 20th positions. Only the « 18 teams at the top of the sporting value ranking are deemed to satisfy the sporting criteria». Article 2.15.026 which sets out the conditions for which licences are validated has also been reviewed. The award will be valid for the first year of the licence. Previously, there was the possibility of an eventuel redistribution of licences following decisions by CAS. The CCP want to limit «the possibility of an endless series of appeals to CAS ».

Finally, the CCP, mindful of the calendar reforms for the UCI WorldTour for 2015, has decided to limit the licence duration – which the rules plan to be for 4 years – to one year, 2016. These modifications of the UCI rules, which come into effect immediately, is part of a rethink which is looking to reform professional cycling in the medium and long term, planned for the second half of 2010-2020.

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