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World Cycling Centre: BMX training for top skiers




The ability to negotiate bumps, jumps and corners is crucial for any top skier, and on Thursday Switzerland’s top women skiers worked on these skills... at the World Cycling Centre’s BMX Supercross track.

Swapping skis for BMX bikes, eight of the Swiss national selection took to the track for a training session that combined physical strength and technical skill.

Dominique Gisin, who has seven World Cup podiums to her name, including three wins, was delighted by the experience: “It’s fun but tiring at the same time. When you’re having fun, you don’t feel how much energy it takes. It’s really good training. You have to push and pull to get energy out of the elevations. It’s all about timing.”

Physical conditioning coach Luca De Marchi said the athletes did not take the training session lightly: “They were very happy when they heard they would be doing this but also respectful. We watch BMX at the Olympic Games! They are working the same things as in skiing and find some of the same sensations. There are certain passages where they really have to concentrate and overcome their fear.”

During three days at the World Cycling Centre, the athletes are also working on their physical condition and strength in the Centre’s gym. Although this was their first initiation into BMX, they are no strangers to the sport of cycling: they covered some 700km during a week-long training camp in Majorca in May.

For Dominique Gisin, the importance of BMX goes beyond sport at an Elite level: “I think all freestyle sports are underrated. They are so important to get young people into sport.”

Photo: Dominique Gisin ready for training on the BMX Supercross track at the World Cycling Centre

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