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Czech riders adjust their riding position at World Cycling Centre




The Czech Cycling Federation sent two riders to the track at the World Cycling Centre (CMC), Wednesday, for a posturology session, the science that studies the position of riders during physical effort.

Pavel Kelemen, 22 years old, and Robin Wagner, 21, were able to adjust their shoes and bikes under the watchful eye of Brian McLean, an Australian expert in biomechanics, who has worked with Cycling Australia and Cycling New Zealand.

"By seeking the ideal position for an athlete, we increase power, resistance to fatigue and we limit the risk of injury", explains the doctor in anatomy and biomechanics. "The power gained by an optimal change in posture can reach as much as 10%." 

Using various handheld devices, Brian McLean first measured their shoes, then the athletes themselves and their bikes.

"We came to the CMC to benefit from their expertise, which is rarely found in Europe", explains Petr Klimes, trainer of the Czech national track team. "We are concentrating our efforts on the young riders who are preparing for the Rio Games in 2016, and who will be able to try out their new positions this summer at the Under 23 European Championships."

Along with the Czech federation athletes, the Elite trainees at the CMC were also able to improve their position on the bike with the Australian specialist. The results look convincing as the Irish rider, Eoin Mullen, has just beaten two personnal bests in the flying 200m and the standing start.


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