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Publication of a Practical Guide to Implementing the Technical Regulations for Bicycles




As announced on 13 May, the International Cycling Union (UCI) is now publishing a document entitled "Technical Regulations for Bicycles. A Practical Guide to Implementation." The Guide is mainly intended for National Federations, UCI teams and manufacturers of bicycles and components.

The document was drafted with the cooperation of representatives of the International Association of Professional Cycling Teams (AIGCP), as well as manufacturers and international commissaires, under the supervision of Jean Wauthier, UCI Technical Adviser. The Guide has been sent to those individuals directly concerned. It can also be consulted and downloaded from the UCI website.

The Practical Guide will provide assistance in applying the UCI Technical Regulations, in particular Articles 1.3.023 and 1.3.024 relating to equipment used in time trials, the implementation of which has become increasingly problematic.

The UCI restates its position that, for competitions, contentious handlebars will have to be replaced by compliant handlebars by 1 July 2009. For all other bicycle components, the deadline for compliance of equipment has been set as 1 January 2010.

The UCI Equipment Unit (materiel@uci.ch) can be contacted about any issues relating to the UCI Technical Regulations.


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