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Press release : Statements by Bernhard Kohl: the UCI’s position




The UCI rejects recent statements by Bernhard Kohl, but does not wish to react publicly, considering it completely inappropriate to respond to a rider who has admitted having cheated throughout his career.

The UCI’s commitment in the battle against doping, as well as its numerous initiatives on the subject, cannot be called into question by allegations made by an individual who has been excluded from cycling precisely because of the world of sport’s determination to fight as hard as possible against the type of behaviour of which Bernhard Kohl has been found guilty.

While awaiting any information from the rider that would be genuinely constructive in fighting against ever more sophisticated doping, the UCI must nevertheless state that the blood values communicated to Bernhard Kohl’s team – in accordance with the established procedure and with the athlete’s consent – date back to the initial data collection stage of setting up the biological passport.

Any questioning of the effectiveness of the biological passport makes no sense as the rider’s individual profile had not yet been fully drawn up. It was thus not possible for Bernhard Kohl to draw any valid conclusions on the effectiveness of the biological passport at that stage. For this reason, his statements are completely incorrect.

The analyses of riders’ profiles, which during recent months have indicated a certain number of anomalies and confirmed the results of several traditional anti-doping controls, have now reached the final stage and will very soon allow disciplinary proceedings to be initiated.


UCI Press Service

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